PlayStation 4 Jailbreak CFW 4.00 USB Tutorial – How to Jailbreak PlayStation...

PlayStation 4 Jailbreak CFW 4.00 USB Tutorial – How to Jailbreak PlayStation 4 Tutorial



How to install the Playstation 4 jailbreak:


An USB Stick



Our Jailbreak software


1. Download the jailbreak file

2. Unzip the file with Winrar

3. Put the files on the root of an USB stick

4. Plug the USB in your Playstation 4

5. Navigate to the Settings Tab

6. Choose System Update

7. Choose Update via Storage Media

8. It will say it found Version 4.00CFW

9. Click Ok and the install process will begin

10. Your Playstation will restart

11. Your Playstation is now Jailbroken!



Q: Can this jailbreak hurt my device?

Answer: The jailbreak is completely safe to use. It only alters the software and if you don’t want to use the jailbreak anymore you can easily reset the console

Q: Can i use mods?

Answer: With our PS4 Jailbreak, we have decided to include a modding feature allowing you to mod and alter games. After installing the jailbreak you can find the mod app in the games tab

Q: Is it safe to play online?

Answer: The way this jailbreak works is that it changes the firmware to make it look like and official firmware version. This way you can’t be banned from PSN.

Q: Is it completely free?

Answer: Yes the Playstation 4 jailbreak is a freeware project made by us. We do protect the download with an offer wall to keep Sony from sending a copyright strike and to support the team

Q: Will the jailbreak stay free?

Answer: We do many things to keep it free but still earn a bit from it via a offer wall. this is enough to keep it free

Q: Will the jailbreak stay updated?

Answer: Yes it will! we have spend a lot of hours in making this jailbreak so we will keep supporting it as long as people are playing on the Playstation 4