PS Vita Jailbreak 3.60 CFW – PS Vita Hacked/Jailbreak

PS Vita Jailbreak 3.60 CFW – PS Vita Hacked/Jailbreak [2016]



PS Vita Jailbreak 3.60 CFW – PS Vita Hacked Tutorial

Playstation vita Jailbreak 3.60 CFW – Jailbreak Ps vita 3.60 CFW Tutorial


USB Cable

Our Jailbreak Software

Instruction :-

1. Turn off your PS Vita and attach the power adapter. Allow it to charge. The SONY PlayStation Vita should be charged at least 50% or more than 50% before you can continue hacking.

2. Now turn the PS Vita on and the LED light should be GREEN. Go over to the Settings tab and scroll to the System Settings then press “x”. Inside the System Settings scroll down and select the “Format Memory Stick”.

3. Connect a USB cable on your PS Vita to your PC and initiate USB Mode.

4. After copying the 3.60 CFW  firmware update to your SONY PlayStation Vita “Game” folder, disconnect the USB cable and go to the game tab on your Play station Vita. Select Memory stick then click update. Allow your PS Vita to update then it will restart.

5) Download the game which u want and Have Fun!